Speaking Part 1 Practice: SINGING

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Speaking Part 2 – Topic: SINGING

Trả lời các câu hỏi dưới đây. Sử dụng tính năng ghi âm để ghi lại và nghe lại câu trả lời.


Do you like singing? Why?
Have you ever learnt how to sing?
Who do you want to sing for?
Do you think singing can bring happiness to People?

Sample Answer

Do you like singing? Why?

I like singing because it’s a great way to release stress and have some fun. I usually just sing for myself because I’m not very confident in my singing skills and I’m a bit shy. But even just belting out a tune in the privacy of my own home or car can really lift my mood and help me relax. Plus, singing is a great way to express myself and let out my emotions.

Yes, I like singing. It helps me relax and feel good. I don’t sing in front of others very often because I’m not very good at it and I’m a bit shy. But I still enjoy singing for myself.

Do you prefer cold or hot weather?

When I was young, I often ate snacks because they were tasty and enjoyable. Many kids enjoy snacking, and I was no exception. Snacking was a fun and exciting part of my day, and I looked forward to it every day. However, my mom tried to make sure that the snacks I ate were as healthy as possible. She would choose options that were lower in sugar and calories and provide a balance of nutrients to support my growth and development.

When I was young, I ate snacks a lot because they tasted good. Many kids like snacking, and I was one of them. I liked snacking because it was fun and made my day better. My mom tried to make sure the snacks I ate were healthy. She picked snacks that had less sugar and calories and were good for my growth.

When do you usually eat snacks now?

I often eat snacks after school because I usually have an extra class afterwards. Snacks help provide me with extra calories to stay focused and energized during my class. Eating a snack after school helps me feel more alert and ready to learn.

As I’ve said earlier, I generally do not want to eat snacks, but sometimes I do when I have extra classes after school. In these cases, I eat a snack to provide me with extra energy to stay focused and alert during my class. Snacks can be a helpful source of quick energy when I need it.

Do you think it is healthy for you to eat snacks?

Choosing healthy snacks like nuts, yogurt, and fruits can provide nutrients and support overall health. However, if we crave unhealthy snacks like potato chips and sugary treats, they can contribute to weight gain and other negative health effects. It is important to consider the nutritional value of snacks and make balanced choices that support our overall health and well-being.

Eating snacks can be good or bad for our health depending on what we choose. Healthy snacks like nuts, yogurt, and fruit are good for us because they give us nutrients. But if we eat unhealthy snacks like chips and candy, they can make us gain weight and be bad for our health. We should think about how healthy a snack is before we eat it. It’s important to make healthy choices that help us stay healthy.



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